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In-Venue Signage

Under the Independent Gambling Authority's Responsible Gambling Codes of Practice, gambling providers must display prescribed in-venue responsible gambling signage.

Changes to the Gambling Codes of Practice are part of a suite of gaming reform measures across South Australia aimed at encouraging responsible gambling and reducing problem gambling.

Venues are required to have prescribed responsible gambling messaging in venues by 1 July 2014. 

The South Australian Government has developed in-venue gambling signage that satisfies these requirements. Signage can be ordered free of charge, direct from Staples, using the In-Venue Signage Order Form below. The Office for Problem Gambling does not store or deliver signs. Providers can also organise their own printing if they wish (relevant files have been provided below, for in-house and professional printing).

For more information please refer to, or direct your query to your relevant industry association (Gaming Care via AHA SA, or Club Safe via Clubs SA).

In Venue Signage Order Form

Use this form to order materials direct from Staples - FREE of charge.


  • Posters

  • LCD Screens

  • ATM Screens

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