Fantasy sports

In fantasy sports, you pick your dream team from existing teams in a real sporting competition like the AFL, EPL & NBA. Your team competes against other fantasy teams in a virtual league with the players’ real-life performances deciding who wins the prize pool of money.


Esports, also known as e-games or electronic sports, takes video gaming to the next level. Teams compete against each other for money and prizes in games like Fortnite, FIFA and League of Legends E-sport tournaments can attract many millions of viewers, particularly young men and boys, and it is possible to place bets on the outcome.

Betting on Fantasy sports and Esports

Online betting companies are tapping in on the rise of both Fantasy sports and Esports, offering odds on the outcomes.

Like other online betting, sport betting can be risky for some people, because it’s easy to do and hard to keep track of your money when it’s not in your hand.

The concern is that kids are absorbing betting advertising which normalises gambling as part of e-sports while they’re watching others compete in tournaments. And there are concerns the advertising is targeting kids.

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