Prevalence Studies


Gambling Prevalence in South Australia 2018 (PDF, 3.1 MB)
South Australian Department of Human Services, 2018

Fact Sheets
Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF, 367.2 KB)
Internet Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF, 247.9 KB)
Problem Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF, 243.3 KB)


Gambling Prevalence in South Australia 2012 (PDF, 3.0 MB)
South Australian Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, 2013.



Survey of South Australian adults’ (18+) attitudes, beliefs and behaviours regarding sports betting 2021 (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Browne, Bryden, Russell, Rockloff, Hing, Dittman & Lastella, October 2021.

Evaluation of the Uniting Care Wesley Bowden 2021 ‘Unplugged’ Program for Parents and Young People (DOCX, 267.3 KB)
King, Phillips-Hughes & Aniulis, August 2021

An analysis of South Australian gambling data to explore whether the characteristics of people gambling at risky levels in the community reflect the characteristics of people accessing gambling help services (DOCX, 91.0 KB)
Del Fabbro & Wallace, 2021.

A review of gambling help services targeting at-risk populations and advice about the service elements needed in the design of future contracts (DOCX, 27.5 KB)
Peters, 2021.

A review of Aboriginal Gambling Help Services and advice about the best way to support Aboriginal people and their communities in relation to gambling harm (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Shen, 2021.

Development of a Theory of Change for the South Australian gambling system to identify key policy levers and actions to prevent and minimise gambling harm (PDF, 3.2 MB)
The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, April 2021


Working towards the development of recommendations to improve referral practices for patrons from gaming venues to gambling help services in South Australia (PDF, 1.6 MB),
Riley, Orlowski, Smith, Battersby & Baigent, November 2016.

From Adolescent to Adult Gambling: An Analysis of Longitudinal Gambling Patterns in South Australia (PDF, 250.9 KB)
Delfabbro, King & Griffiths, April 2013.

Rethinking Problem Gambling in the South Australian Criminal Justice System (PDF, 394.3 KB),
Karikari, January 2013.

Identifying Problem Gambling in Gambling Venues (PDF 1.37MB) (PDF, 1.4 MB),
Delfabbro, Osborn, Nevile, Skelt & McMillen, November 2007.