Harm caused by gambling can show up in obvious ways – money problems. Harm from gambling can also be less obvious, for example, you might find yourself getting angry at the people around you for no reason.

Try this checklist to work out if your gambling is causing you harm.

How many of these statements apply to you?

  • Gambling is on my mind all the time.
  • I gamble with money set aside for other things (like rent or a night out).
  • I spend more than I plan to when gambling.
  • I snap at family members or friends over small issues.
  • I have trouble concentrating at work.
  • I sometimes feel guilt and regret about my gambling.
  • I struggle to sleep and wake up during the night feeling stressed.
  • I’m drinking or smoking more than usual.

If any of these statements describe you, you may be experiencing harm from gambling.  Recognising when gambling is starting to disrupt your life can help you work out what to do next.

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