Is someone in your community showing signs of problems gambling?

Go to Recognising the signs to find out what to look for in their behaviour. Members of South Australia’s multicultural communities can sometimes be at greater risk of problem gambling because:

  • gambling is a part of their culture or how their community socialises
  • they see gambling as part of the Australian culture
  • they feel isolated and find gambling venues welcoming
  • they are using gambling to deal with stress from being a new migrant to South Australia, or an international student away from home
  • they are seeing gambling advertising and easy access to gambling for the first time
  • they are escaping boredom, poverty and disadvantage.

How to help

Try having a conversation with your friend. Choosing the right time to talk to them and what to say is important. Go to How to start the conversation for more information.

Be clear about your concerns, how their behaviour affects you and don’t judge them. They might be grateful for your concern or angry at your interference. They may get help immediately, eventually, or not at all, but at least you have started the conversation.

Let them know about the services that can help — see below.

All of these services are also available to you. You might find it useful to talk to a counsellor about your concerns and how you can help your friend. A translator can be organised so you can talk in your language.

Get support

There are many ways to get help:

  • 24/7, free and confidential, Gambling Helpline offers support, information and telephone counselling. Call 1800 858 858.

    The Gambling Helpline can organise an interpreter if you need one.

  • 24/7, free and confidential self-help and counselling by email or online chat. Visit Gambling Helpline.

  • Free and confidential personal, financial and family counselling and support. Call the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 for a referral to a non-judgemental and friendly counsellor. Gambling Help Services also offers counselling to friends and family of gamblers.

  • For more information about services, go to Finding the right support for you.