Sports betting is betting on the outcomes of sporting games. People can bet on a wide range of sports such as AFL, rugby, soccer and tennis. Sports betting is one of the fastest growing forms of gambling, especially for young men, because it’s easy to access on smartphones and heavily promoted in advertising on TV and social media.

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Horse racing involves betting on horses ridden by jockeys competing against each other in a race. Online betting apps have made race betting far more accessible to people.

Some people think they can improve their odds of winning by investing time and effort in studying the form guide. In reality, there are many variables that can affect a horse race, including some that are impossible to know, including how the horse is feeling on the day.


Dog racing involves betting on greyhounds who race around a track. Similar to horse racing, some people think they can improve their chance of winning through researching the dogs, trainers and odds. But there are many other variables in play, including how the dog will behave on the day, that make gambling on them more about chance than skill.

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