For every person involved in high-risk gambling, at least six others are affected. With moderate-risk gambling, three other people have their lives impacted and even low-risk gambling affects at least one other person .

Family, friends, bosses, workmates and other people in the community can have their lives disrupted and harmed by someone else’s risky gambling.

Families may have less money for essentials like food and housing, and non-essentials like recreation.

Relationships can be damaged because the people around a risky gambler are exposed to the gambler’s feelings of anger, guilt and shame.

Work performance can suffer leaving workmates to pick up the slack.

Family members and workmates can be at risk if the person gambling uses alcohol or drugs to cope with their feelings or engages in forms of violence.

Recognising the harm caused to others can be a powerful motivator for people to do something about their gambling.

If that’s you, you can find help to manage your gambling at Get support.

Families and friends also don’t need to suffer in silence. Help and support is available at Support for you.