Young people are more aware of gambling through advertising, and online betting and mobile phones have made it more accessible to them than ever before.

By age 15, half of all young Australians have had a go at gambling.

Gambling at a young age doesn’t always lead to future issues, but statistics show that around 20 per cent of adults with problem gambling start before they are 18 years old.

Helping young people recognise they have an issue with gambling and getting help early can stop them going off track.

How can you tell if a young person is gambling at risky levels? They may be:

  • asking you for money, not paying their bills or selling their stuff/things/possessions
  • struggling to sleep or sleeping in late
  • up and down with their moods
  • not completing schoolwork
  • spending more time in betting venues like pubs, clubs and casinos, or betting online
  • spending less time with friends not interested in gambling.

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