Casinos are betting venues where you can gamble on different games using cards, dice, spinning wheels and pokies.

Casinos take a cut of the money you spend betting on games.

Some games allow you to increase your chance of winning using your skills. Other games are completely driven by chance and no amount of skill will change the outcome.

Each game has a "house margin" — the percentage of the total money bet that is kept by the casino or house. Skilled players may be able to reduce the house margin slightly in games of skill, but in games of chance, the margin always remains the same.

Even playing skill-based games, you are not guaranteed to win and the odds are always in favour of the house.

There are also digital casinos where you can play casino games online.

While online casinos operating from Australia are illegal, you can still bet at offshore casinos. It’s important to know that there may be fewer regulations and safeguards and that online casinos aren’t subject to Australian laws. Some Australians winning on offshore sites have been unable to claim their money because their stake was stolen, or the site has been shut down.

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