The Office for Problem Gambling is partnering with Uniting Care Wesley Bowden (UCWB) to deliver Unplugged - a program to educate parents and young people about risky gaming.

Unplugged includes workshops to help young people 12 and over, and their parents, discover how problem gaming can lead to gambling behaviours and develop practical strategies to support healthier gaming and internet use.

What’s the extent of the problem in South Australia?

  • Out of 1,200 SA high school students, 11 per cent use technology at an unsafe level.
  • 10 per cent of young people are on the internet for more than nine hours a day.
  • By 15, half of all young people have participated in some type of gambling.
  • 54 per cent of games on Facebook include gambling themes.

Unplugged helps young people and their families to:

  • identify signs of problematic gaming and gambling and its impact
  • create balance, develop alternative interests, and set healthy boundaries in their gaming
  • learn about game development and gambling features including micro-transactions, loot boxes, in-app purchases
  • develop practical tips and proven strategies to combat problem gaming and gambling behaviours
  • manage associated problems including school attendance, sleep issues and difficulty concentrating.

Learn more about UCWB's Unplugged program.